Jumbo KrispiesI don’t know if they’re in your market yet or not, but Kellogg’s has been advertising Jumbo (and in much smaller letters “multigrain”) Krispies quite a bit lately.  I resolved that when I saw a box, I was going to pick them up.  Advertising works!

And pick them up I did!  What would we do without Walmart?  Just how “jumbo” are these things?

Jumbo Krispies revealed

I guess that’s big by comparison to typical Rice Krispies.

Anyway, don’t let the name fool you, these are NOT Rice Krispies.  They don’t taste anything like them.  They’re . . . “wheaty.”  Oh, the ingredients list says rice . . . and sugar . . . (but, hey, it’s sugar, not high fructose corn syrup for once) are the first two, but it’s ingredient #3 that comes through more noticeably – whole wheat flour.  There’s also some honey, and fiber, and other stuff, and it all adds up to something not really at all like Rice Krispies but really not bad.  And, because I know you’re curious, yes, they do “crackle” in milk.  I’m not sure I detected any “snapping” or “popping,” however.

And you can also make “Jumbo Krispie treats” according to this recipe.  I’m a little disappointed that they don’t “jumbo size” the treats themselves in accordance with the upsized cereal pieces.  I mean, it would be fitting, right?