If you can’t tell, I haven’t exactly been busy posting here lately.  I’ve been taking advantage of the short-attention-span-theater that is Twitter and it’s suited me just fine.  So if you need your fix of me – and who doesn’t? – you need to go there to find me.

As things go, I simply haven’t had the time to sit and write anything.  Even writing this is requiring some rebudgeting of time.  Things have just gotten busy.  I have to say that when people said life with kids is time consuming, I didn’t understand that, at least not with only Amanda around.  I realize that when they said “kids,” they literally meant the plural of kids, because what free time we have is not used to sit and write on this site, obviously.  It’s also not used to pull weeds from the front yard, as the letter from our Home Owner’s Association can testify the presence of “weeds that have been allowed to grow to maturity.”  Nor is it used to finish up sprinkler systems that broke last fall.  Or get the dresser I wrote about weeks ago out of the garage so I can park there again.  Whatever.  I’d rather be in with the kids and Alissa, bouncing Danielle on my knees and making her giggle, watching Amanda draw and be a big sister.

I can do a lot of things – not bragging, I just mean I have enough skills to get things done, maybe not perfectly – I’ve kind of felt like one of those “jacks of all trades” for a long time, but I’ve realized recently that a lot of stress is involved in many of these projects I take on.  It hit me not too long ago that despite having the ability to do these things, the tools, etc., when that kind of stress builds up around anything you’re doing, it may just be because it’s just not what you’re suited to doing.  You know, when you have plenty of free time, it’s fine, but when your time is stretched thin, it’s hard to not get a bit stressed out doing to Home Depot three time and Lowe’s once in one weekend . . . and then find out you still have to go back for more stuff to finish off the job.  It’s times like those when I think, “This why people pay others to do this stuff.”  I never got it before – why pay someone to do something you so easily could do yoursef?  I get it now.  I have to finish now – everything’s half-finished and no one could pick up where I am, but in the future, I will seriously consider handing things off to others to do.  Everything else is far too precious to waste all this time doing on tasks I pretty much hate doing.  Am I the last to figure this out?