I’m not a big vinyl buyer, but when I stumble on something unusual I have to pick it up, like this Spanish pressing of one of my very favorite albums of all time (seriously, just listened to it today) – Rush’s Signals.  What’s so weird here is that much of the text and all song titles are in Spanish – something you just don’t see.  The song isn’t “Muchacho Analogo,” it’s “The Analog Kid” in any language it’s played – it’s not like they sing it in Spanish, afterall.  Anyway, I grabbed some not-so-great pictures of the thing for you to enjoy since you may never see one yourself (click through to Flickr to see ’em at full resolution):

Rush - Signals, in Spanish, front side

Rush - Signals, in Spanish, back side

Side A tracklisting of Signals in Spanish

Side B tracklisting of Signals in Spanish

Side A of Signals in Spanish

Side B of Signals in Spanish