A day spent Twittering is . . . weird.  It’s entertaining, but definitely requires thinking a bit differently.  If you haven’t noticed, I have a tendency to, ahem, expound at length upon things and this forces me to tighten up considerably.  But the nice thing is that it gives me a route to vent random things in my mind, not that everyone else will understand everything.  But that’s part of the fun, I suppose.

My biggest problem with writing on the site is simply a lack of desire to write.  I am tired, man, and finding time to actually focus on writing pieces about the albums I’m listening to, well, it’s not happening.  I have a some partially-written things that eventually get trashed, but that’s all that comes of it.  I am simply too worn out to strike, as they say, “the iron is hot,” and by the time I get back to it, I have lost most of the interesting things I might have had to say about things.  Even right now, I’m thinking, “Can I end this?  Can I go lay down?”  Yes, yes I can, and I will soon.

And I just stalled right there for about 5 minutes.  Mind went to sleep while I played with a crumb on the desk.  That is the warning sign on the brain that it’s time to hang it up for the day.   So never mind that – I’m done.  I’ve been up for 17 freakin’ hours, man.