Friday (last Friday, March 20, I mean) was our 10th wedding anniversary.  We both took the day off of work.  Amanda went to my parents, as usual, and we got to spend the day together . . . with Danielle.  The logistics of off-loading her to the grandparents for a full day were just too much for right now, since it hasn’t happened yet, so she stayed with us.  And, really, that was our celebration – a day spent like we used to do things, without having to consider nap times or how interested a three year old might be, or putting together a puzzle for the 8 millionth time, or deciding which stuffed animal was which other stuffed animal’s pet.  Not that those are bad things, mind you, it’s just that, sometimes, you have to get away from those things.  There’s house clutter, and there’s mind clutter, and when you drive down the road and see a flat bed truck carrying a smaller flat bed truck and immediately think, “Oh, how cute, he’s got a little friend,” well, that’s mind clutter due to over kid-ization, and it’s time for a little break.

Spaghetti with meat hatAnd so we had a very normal day.  We’re not partiers, if you haven’t noticed.  We took it easy, did some shopping, and ate at this Italian restarant, Bravi, that we have driven by more times than we could count, but thought would be too frou-frou for our decidedly simple tastes.  How wrong we were.  If you’re familiar with Fazoli’s, which is Italian fast-food, this is a big step up from that – but still just a nice “quick eat” restaurant. I got my usual, which is chicken parmigiana, and it came in the entertaining form you see here, which I have named “spaghetti with meat hat.” It tasted good, but the sauce was a little watery. It’s not the kind of thing that anyone that considers themselves even remotely a “foodie” would love. It’s simple, family-style Italian. I get bored eating spaghetti at home; I can’t stand Olive Garden, and we don’t have many other options around here (this being Phoenix, there really aren’t many non-chain restaurants – one of the major downsides to this city.) This will do nicely.

We kept it simple because that’s how we are. I struggled for a bit thinking, “This is our 10th, we should do something,” and then realized that if that was how we were, we would have planned something big long ago. We just aren’t like that. It’s not in our genes. Our planned gift will be a new computer (romantic, isn’t it?) to begin replacing the two old ones in our house. And, of course, there’s the house itself, which I would say is our true anniversary gift. If we get out of this house this year and into something right, that would be a fantastic gift.