The Iphone doesn’t take video (I know, it’s one of the admitted shortcomings that I am slightly annoyed by) but that hasn’t stopped some ingenious people from coming up with Apps to take a bunch of photos in short succession, and then you take the resulting photo and put it into a website that will animate it for you.  And the result is one of my little girls being happy for you.

Notice the lack of "best before date"

Check out the “best before” date in the upper right hand corner.  Best before . . . forever?

Guaranteed fresh forever

It’s a damn shame these weren’t stale because I so wanted to contact them and tell them their “guaranteed fresh forever chips were so not.

A minor annoyance - no CD-Text

Maybe this is nit-picky, but I find it really cheap of the record labels who don’t employ CD-Text.  It’s just a handy thing – it reads info off the disc and tells you the artist, album name, and song titles.  It’s licensed to Sony, so when labels don’t feel like paying Sony for the license, you get the above result on CD players that will read it.  And that looks really cheap.  You’d think the above disc is some small indie release or something that can’t afford to pay the license fee, right?  Well, does U2’s No Line On The Horizon qualify?

Look - CD-Text

Dan Auerbach’s tiny little release, Keep It Hid, on Nonesuch, sports CD-Text.  Funny world.  Go buy both this and the new U2 .  .  . and Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone.  Seriously.  You owe it to yourself.

A new bud on the album tree

If you plant a song outside a record store, this is what grows.