Not my iPhone, but this guys is cracked in exactly the same place

Not my iPhone, but this guy's is cracked in exactly the same place

I’ll just say it quickly so I get it out there: the case of my beloved Iphone cracked, just like many others (Apple’s not alone – Sony is experiencing this problem with the recently released Xperia and so is HTC with the Touch.  Funny how the Iphone is the one that got all the attention, isn’t it?  Conspiracy!)  It seems many of the early white 16gb Iphones cracked.  I may have escaped this fate because my Iphone has been in a case since about one week after I got it.

I hesitate to even post about this, not because I don’t want to say anything bad about the Iphone or Apple but because it just adds to the clutter of negativity when there’s so much to be positive about.  (If you haven’t noticed, people love to be negative regardless of how great things really are.)  The Iphone is, hands down, my favorite device.  It’s with me pretty much all the time – in my pocket, at my side, wherever.  It’s somewhere very close by almost all the time and it gets used a lot for various little things, few of which involve phone calls.  I love it, so when I remove what I think of as a protective case and find a crack, I’m pretty upset.  I take good care of this thing.

Favorite Iphone case brokenThe annoying thing is, I think I know what caused this.  Basically, at least.  You see, a while back my super-protective Griffin Wave hard-shell Iphone case broke.  It just snapped right at the bottom of the Iphone as I was taking it off to clean it. And, because I have a coworker who has carried his Iphone, case-free, since launch day (July 11) with nary a problem, I decided to chance it . . . sort of. I can’t go naked, not with something this nice, so I got an Iskin Solo case for the Iphone, which is a soft case, a step up from silicone – not “squishy” like that but also not hard. It’s a nice case. The thing is, I have a busy, excited three year old girl at home, and I’m pretty sure that at some point in the last couple of weeks, she came crashing down on my Iphone, and the case cracked where the two met.

Hey, I admit it, it’s not a serious issue. It’s cosmetic at this point (after further, closer inspection, I discovered about four more, smaller cracks around the corners and edges.) The thing is, if you watch this strangely creepy video of a guy using night vision on his Iphone, that crack happens to fall right where one of the screws that holds the circuit board is.  Put two and two together, and it makes sense that if the back cracked it’s very possible that the circuit board could have cracked as well.  Maybe not bad enough to destroy it, but maybe it’s compromised.  Who knows?

I headed to the Apple store this weekend, armed with an appointment with one of the s0-called Geniuses at the Genius Bar.  Ten minutes later I walked out with a shiny “new” (refurb) Iphone.  I synced to Itunes and let it have its way with the new Iphone for a few hours and everything was back the way it was before . . . well, except that I had to rearrange all my apps back to which screens they had been on.  Why Apple can’t add in one bit of the back-up process that memorizes the positions of apps, I don’t know.  I spent most of dinner trying to get things back in some semblance of order because, well, it’s pretty disorienting to have no idea where any of several dozen apps are.  Now everything’s arranged in some sensible order and I await a quickly-delivered replacement from Griffin of the original case that kept my Iphone so safe.  Until then, I feel just slightly nervous that I’ll do something stupid and crack this Iphone’s back, too.  Luckily UPS will be delivering the new Wave today, and then, hopefully, I can forget about worrying about the Iphone in my pocket all the time like I have for the past 10 days or so.